Necessity and essential aspects of paper mail in business life

Paper mail remains an essential part of business life, even in the digital age. Most invoices, quotes, contracts and legal documents still pass through the postal services. It is therefore necessary to organize the mail service of your company so that it is the most efficient possible in reception and in expedition.

Here are some key elements for an effective mail service

Choose the teams in charge of the mail

First of all, please note that mailing envelopes may contain legally or financially sensitive information. We must ensure the discretion and reliability of the teams in charge of the reception. Attention should then be paid to the speed of sorting and then distributing folds and parcels received because the activity of certain services depends directly on the arrival of the mail. To know more about,Fastway Couriers, seek help online.

Establish and respect the instructions

The mail team must be rigorous in the application of instructions some services require that the envelopes are open, others do not or that the mail is open but the envelope is stapled.

Organize working time

In most businesses, the volume of mail does not require employing a full time person. It is therefore possible to make the job more versatile and give employees other responsibilities such as physical and telephone reception, the management of meeting rooms, coffee machines or simple repairs.

In this case, an excellent organization of the working time is necessary  ​​to be present at the arrival of the mail so as not to delay the distribution and to collect the outgoing mail at the scheduled times.

Rely on new technologies

Electronic document management is another way to speed up internal mail delivery and collection. Incoming mail is scanned and transmitted to the recipient electronically. He reads the mail, replies to it and archives it directly from his screen, without ever handling any sheet of paper.

Precise instructions make it possible to know if the originals must be preserved or not, according to their legal value.

The expedition is also dematerialized. The written response is recorded in the company’s computer system and printed directly to the mail service printer. Postage at the start is also faster and more reliable if the scale is connected to postal services. It calculates the weights and tariffs, prints the labels and sends the amount due to the company directly each month for invoicing.

Consider outsourcing

In companies where mail is of particular importance (financial institutions, insurance companies, property managers, etc.), the mail service is commonly outsourced. Specialized service providers bring their expertise in efficient flow management and the latest technologies available. In any case, the optimization of the mail service contributes to the overall performance of the company.

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